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Our Mission

RUNCREW is a not-for-profit social enterprise that was set-up to achieve the following mission:

"To build strong, connected and diverse running communities full of healthy, happy and resilient runners. We achieve this by organising fun, engaging and empowering fitness sessions which promote team ethos, belonging and a focused, positive mindset"

Our Aim

The aim of RUNCREW is to make running fun, accessible and be mindful of improving mental as well as physical health and well-being - focusing on community, not competition.

Our Values

Inclusive of Age

Currently, everyone over the age of 18 is able to join RUNCREW. We welcome everyone with open arms and high fives!

Inclusive of Disability and Health

If you like running, either to participate or to help organise, we will endeavour to get you involved in RUNCREW in some capacity.

Inclusive of Culture and Belief

WHOEVER you are and WHEREVER you are from, when you put on your RUNCREW tee or arrive at a RUNCREW session you are part of the CREW. We do not believe in 'othering'. We protect our CREW which is why the only people who are not welcome at RUNCREW are those who damage this key principle.

Inclusive of Ability

CREW Members and Cheifs DO NOT JUDGE, especially not on ability. We care about effort and NOT attainment. We are creating a community - not olympic athletes.

Zero Tolerance to Bullying

We are here to build confidence, community and promote positive attitudes - nothing undermines that more than bullying which is why we have a zero tolerance to it.

How our sessions achieve our aims:

Physical Activity

The benefits of outdoor activity to mental health are well established. Our sessions consist of a 4-6km run with short High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Stretch and Inactivity Time (SIT) stops every km and all done to music (powered by lightweight hand held and backpack portable speakers). Our sessions are designed to keep our crew together whilst also facilitating those of differing fitness levels. More experienced, quicker runners who get to HIIT/SIT stops first return to the last runner so that the whole group runs together. Crew members are encouraged to train together at HIIT/SIT stops, being partnered up with new people on every run.


RUNCREW sessions have been designed to promote the RUNCREW ethos of inclusivity, positive attitude, teamwork, inter-personal encouragement and a focus on effort rather than attainment. CREW Cheifs are trained to promote and encourage this ethos.


Crew Chiefs encourage runners to introduce themselves to each other before and during the session. HIIT/SIT stops often have pairs exercises and CREW Chiefs make sure that runners meet and train with new runners each session. After training we host and Apres Run, usually a drink or a soft-drink and once a week some food. We have discovered that running with portable speakers encourages positive engagement with the general public who are interested in what we do when we run past - we often have children and adults dancing in the street! This can be especially beneficial for those who may have conditions or experiences that have led to a negative view of others.

Cohesion and Belonging

RUNCREW was founded by military personnel who wanted to take the best bits of military life and bring it to a non-military audience. Our membership fees subsidise our Crew Kit that runners are encouraged to wear whilst training. Our kit promotes a feeling of inclusion and belonging. We promote customs that lead to further cohesion such as prompting runners to encourage each other and celebrate each others efforts and achievements: there are a lot of high-fives as a form of physical bonding as well as an end of run 'tunnel' where runners are clapped in to the finish line.


Our sessions run through our communities. Our community can see and interact with us and vice-versa. We are in the process of building a strong community of runners across the UK, offering our crew members the ability to host and visit other crews locally and nationally.