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RUNCREW is all about health and well-being: both physical and, more importantly, mental.

Running and activity has an ability to improve both physical and mental health but can be detrimental to both if not done in the correct way. RUNCREW was founded to improve both and in order to achieve both aims we have designed our sessions and ethos accordingly.

Our CREW Chiefs undertake a Diploma in Mental Health as part of their training - but RUNCREW is far more than just offering an ability to talk about mental health whilst running. We are trying to create an environment and promote ways of thinking that help promote good mental health and well-being.

RUNCREW for Mental Health


It is well documented that running can improve mental health. It boosts mood, reduces stress and improves your sleep. However running can reduce mood and increase stress if not done in a way that is sensitive to our mental health.

Activity Ethos

The ethos of RUNCREW is to run for good and to run for fun. Sometimes competitive running can be fun, however, often it can add to stress and isolate too many runners when in groups. If running becomes about competing with ourselves or others and we move away from the good feelings that running as an activity in and of itself can provide. We have tried to reduce competition in our sessions. We do not measure or focus on pace, rather, we encourage runners to focus on running at a pace they are comfortable with. Loop-backs mean that those running at a slower pace don't feel left-out or isolated and it means that faster paced runners can continue to train and support others whilst the keeping the group together.

Running as a social Activity

Any social activity has the power to improve mental health and well-being. Our sessions are designed to help break down social barriers. We run as a single unit. At HIIT/SIT stops we undertake exercises beneficial to running that are often done as pairs or even a whole group. Runners are encouraged to work with new partners to break down any social barriers in the group. We have very active Whatsapp groups for our CREWS and there is always amazing support both on runs and off. Every run has a social element that ranges from drinking tea, to drinking to eating meals together post run.