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How old do you have to be to attend?

You must be at least 18 years old to train with RUNCREW.

How hard are sessions?

We are not training olympic athletes - we are running as friends! Our sessions have runners with a range of abilities. Our HIIT stops can be used to overload, or give resting opportunity depending on how you feel. Our sessions are as hard as you want to make them!

You do not have to be super fit to join RUNCREW! We are here to help you get fitter. We run an intro run prior to our main session on the first Monday of the month. This is for people who may be a bit apprehensive about whether they are fit enough to join. We can advise you on your fitness and help you build a training plan if necessary.

What about pace?

In order to run as a CREW we break up our runs in to smaller sections with HIIT exercises at every stop. To facilitate the variety of fitness levels in our CREWs, between HIIT stops we run in 3 smaller groups based on pace each with their own sound systems. Our CREW CAPTAINS will make sure that you are working within your own fitness limits and getting the maximum benefit from RUNCREW sessions.

I don't think I'm fit enough to join!

Our job is to give you the structure and support to get you fitter. Our sessions enable us to cater for a massively wide range of fitness levels and running speeds. You will not be running alone at a RUNCREW session, no one will leave you behind, we will support you and celebrate your successes. Our run sections are roughly 1km long, if you get to a HIIT stop and need a rest, that is totally fine. Once you get used to running we can then introduce the HIIT exercises which will lead to really quick improvement to running ability and general fitness. Our runners see real improvement in fitness and confidence in a remarkably short space of time because of this method.

How can training outdoors help my current fitness regime?

Training outdoors improves mood, reduces depression, stress, blood preasure and your heart rate - this means that you get numerous mental and physical benefits. It's not just about getting the required level of Vitamin D, fresh air alleviates insomnia, sunlight enhances energy generation in your muscles and oxidation of your tissues, breathing in airborne plant chemicals improves your immune response by 50%. As a bonus, if you can believe it, you exert up to 10% more energy running outdoors due to wind resistance, it's also far better for your joints than running on a treadmill, and because you are calmer you can train harder!

We recommend RUNCREW in addition to your current gym or personal fitness regime. Current advice is that you should exercise 4-5 times a week. A balanced but mixed fitness regime is the optimum approach to fitness for your mental and physical health.

How does training as a CREW benefit me?

Training as a team increases confidence, willpower and gives a feeling of attachment. There are no outsiders in our CREWS, we encourage you to reach out and build meaningful relationships with fellow CREW MEMBERS.

Should I bring my own headphones?

Music can increase your stamina and boost your mood and thus it's an important part of a RUNCREW workout. There's no need to bring headphones! CREW CAPTAINS carry portable music players so that we can all train to the same beats and, due to the lack of headphones, can talk at the same time.

I have a physical or mental condition can I still join?

RUNCREW is inclusive. If you think that you would benefit from being involved in a RUNCREW, even if you can't run, then please contact us to let us know how we can help you. If you can cover the distance, we will make whatever alterations we can to take you on the run. If you have any concerns, or questions, please contact the CREW CAPTAIN prior to arrival or on attending a RUNCREW event.

How do I join?

Click 'JOIN' at the bottom of your screen.

How do I book?

You can book an event by visiting your CREW page and then selecting the session that you want to attend. You must be logged into your account to be able to book.