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RUNCREW is a super social running club committed to improving physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Whatever your fitness level we organise events that will make sure you enjoy running as part of a very supportive, fun and special community.

We focus on community over competition. We believe that done in the right way fitness can be fun - not just something to be endured.

During our sessions we run as a CREW - we don't break down in to sub groups. We have a team of volunteer CREW Chiefs who run at the front, middle and back of the pack. No one runs alone. We run and train to music played through portable speakers our CREW Chiefs carry.

Our runs are broken in to shorter sections with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or SIT (Stretch and Inactivity Time) stops at regular intervals. Faster runners will run Fartlek ("Speed Play") loop-backs to the back of the pack when they reach a stop. This keeps the group together and means that we can cater for a very wide range of running speed.

We encourage you to reconnect and listen to your body and mind: running in a way that you comfortable with. We don't run through pain - it's not now or never we are running for fun not from a bear 😜 🐻

HIIT The Streets

Our core run! Take an hour to run around your local town in a bubble of music, stopping 5 times to HIIT or SIT. Actual running time is 30-40 mins. We warm up and chill down as a crew

Our HIIT exercises are optional. They are designed to improve your running and general fitness - you will see amazing results really quickly - it's perfect training! If you are new to running 5km you can use the 5 stops for Stretching and Inactivity Time (SIT) building up to HIIT as and when you feel comfortable.

We want running to be fun and there is no pressure to run above a speed that you feel comfortable with nor is there any pressure to get involved in HIIT.

Our sessions are designed to accommodate runners of any speed. Quicker runners will run further as they run ahead of the pack and back. We are an accessible running crew who but community over speed or competition.

When COVID is not preventing us we always host an Apres-Run - a quick drink (soft or not) at the meeting venue.


Our RUNDAMENTALS Start Running Programme is designed to take you from a novice runner to being able to run a HIIT The Streets Session. The course has between 4 and 10 sessions depending on your starting ability and fitness.

We run RUNDAMENTALS sessions alongside our Sunday Runch and certain sessions as part of our Truro Crew.

The Start Running Programme has been designed to be fun, achievable and prepare you and your body for running. There will be lots of good music, support and care. We will teach you proper warm-up, cool-down, body conditioning and running technique to give you the best chance of success and staying injury free.

As with all RUNCREW sessions there is a major community element COVID permitting we socialise with all the runners of RUNCREW.

Get in contact with us to join our RUNDAMENTALS programme - we can add you to the Whatsapp and let you know when the next course is starting.

Next Sessions

RUNCREW is currently on hold as we re-structure. Follow us on our social media for news and updates.